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Taylor Swift parody video released for charity

A parody video of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do has been released as part of a charity campaign by officials at Global Citizen.
The video Look Where Some People Poo was released by bosses at the social action organisation on Monday (13Nov17), offering a comedic way to call attention to the issue of sanitation issues in the less developed world.
In the past, Adele and Bruno Mars songs have been parodied on Global Citizen’s platform to promote awareness of U.S. Congress reform and women’s rights.
As noted on the charity’s website, 4.5 billion people worldwide have limited or no access to safe and working toilets and sanitation, while another 892 million have no choice but to relieve themselves outdoors or into natural bodies of water, contributing to the spread of deadly diseases.
The video debuts ahead of World Toilet Day on 19 November (17) and coincides with humanitarian group’s petition, calling on World Bank members to aid the development of better sanitation systems throughout the world.

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