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Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey lost Twilight role to Taylor Lautner

Posey, who plays Scott McCall in the popular teen TV series, initially tried out for the part of Native American Jacob Black, who turns into a werewolf, on the hit vampire movies.

The 21 year old even screen tested with leading lady Kristen Stewart but he failed to win over casting agents.

During an episode of MTV series This Is How I Made It, which is set to air in America on Saturday (10Nov12), Posey says, “I was very excited because I was a fan of (Stewart’s). I saw Taylor Lautner at all of these auditions, and I knew he was auditioning for Twilight also. I remember I saw him at an audition a few months after, and I was like, ‘Hey man, what have you been up to?’

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“And he was like, ‘I was filming Twilight.’ That’s when I found out I didn’t get the part.”

But Posey insists he doesn’t harbour any ill will towards Lautner, who was also raised in Santa Monica, California.

He adds, “We had a very similar career, and we grew up in the same town, and eventually we became friends and started talking because I saw him at literally every audition… When it comes to acting, you’re going to get turned down a lot. You can’t over think it. When I don’t get the part, I never dwell too much on it.”

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