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Tennis ace Goran Ivanisevic keen to coach Mike Tyson’s daughter

Boxer Mike Tyson’s daughter could be the next Serena Williams, according to retired tennis ace Goran Ivanisevic.
Mike’s seven-year-old daughter, Milan, wowed the 2001 Wimbledon champion with her talent for tennis when he was in Los Angeles this week (02Mar16).
When approached by TMZ.com, the Croatian sports legend offered praise for the aspiring young court whizz: “Looks good, looks good, man.”
When asked what Milan could do to improve her skills the star said, “Practice, practice long and everyday. Though at seven-years old, one-and-a-half hours a day is enough.”
Goran, 44, currently coaches top Croatian player Marin Cilic, successfully helping him win the title at the 2014 U.S. Open Championship.
According to the tennis pro the young girl looks to have her father’s athletic talent, but stressed genetics only plays a part in sporting success.
When shown a clip of Milan practising with Tyson and returning volleys like a professional, he said: “For sure, genetics always helps. It doesn’t prove anything but it’s OK to have genetics like that.”
Earlier this year (11Feb16), Mike announced Milan is a major tennis prodigy who could be the next Serena Williams during an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show.
Milan, who says her idol is Serena, has already won youth tournaments with her impressive ball skills.
When asked if he would give her a free coaching session Goran said, “If she comes to Croatia I’ll play with her. If she can be 10 per cent of Serena Williams that would be great.”
The youngster also packs a punch like her dad – Mike has posted videos of Milan displaying her talent for boxing.

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