Terry Gilliam criticises John Cleese’s anti-immigration worldview

Terry Gilliam has criticised fellow Monty Python star John Cleese’s negative comments about immigration.
Cleese, 79, who has supported Britain leaving the European Union (EU) but lives in the Caribbean, sparked a backlash from fans earlier this summer (19) when he claimed London no longer felt like an English city due to immigration.
In an interview with Britain’s Radio Times magazine, Gilliam said he still had affection for his old friend, but fundamentally disagreed with his comments.
“I’m the instinctive, monosyllabic American and he’s the tall, very suave one,” he said. “I love John enormously but I just disagree with the way he perceives the world.”
Joking about his pal, the 78-year-old filmmaker added: “John has never changed, he’s just got fat, that’s all.”
The 12 Monkeys director, who was born in the U.S. but now has British citizenship, also said that both Britain’s exit from the EU, and the election of America’s President Donald Trump, who also holds strong anti-immigration views, made him “terminally depressed”.
He did however, criticise political correctness in comedy, saying he thought today’s acts should be more outspoken in how they tackle sensitive subjects.
“It doesn’t have anything to do with gender, sex or anything. Good writing is what it’s about, and that’s why you hire people, not because they’re this colour or that gender,” the veteran star mused. “‘Is it funny?’ is the only thing that should be asked. Comedians are treading carefully and this is terrible. I really want some comedians to really go for it again, but people are frightened of saying the wrong thing, of causing offence.”