Thandie Newton: ‘Telling my kids about Star Wars was dope’


Thandie Newton was excited to share the news with her children that she had landed a role in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The actress, who plays smuggler Val in the blockbuster, has three children, daughters Ripley and Nico and son Booker Jombe, with director husband Ol Parker.

Speaking on This Morning on Wednesday (23May18), the 45-year-old said the big reveal was “dope”, largely because the Star Wars spin-off movie was more accessible to them than her other work.
“I have been acting for nearly 30 years,” she explained Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. “My children haven’t been able to watch any films of mine, for say the past ten years, and they are just not interested.

“Not because they don’t love me. I’m their mamma but there’s something about watching me on TV that is a bit weird.

“So this was huge for them, and they are really proud.”

The Westworld star announced the news “casually” over dinner, but not keeping it to herself for a bit.
“I actually held on to the news for two days because I was relishing the feeling of telling them as I knew it was going to be dope,” she smiled. “For the first time ever they were actually wanting to know more. It was a great moment.”

It was even more satisfying when she was able to bring her son on set, with her mother, for an “incredible” visit.

“He met R2D2. Everyone stood back and they had a conversation … and they ended up with my son hugging R2D2. It’s all downhill from there!”, she laughed.