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The Charlatans turn back catalogue into phone apps

British rockers The Charlatans have made their entire back catalogue available to fans as phone apps.
Earlier this year (17), the band created an artwork that featured representations of their 49 singles as mobile apps, and now they’ve teamed up with bosses at technology firm Modern English to create working applications for each track.
Each app links to a section in an interactive museum of the band’s history featuring archive videos, artwork, footage of the band discussing their memories of each song and the tracks themselves.
In a press release, frontman Tim Burgess, 50, said: “We loved the idea of bringing the app icons to life. All of the band went away to find stuff to include – we unearthed live footage from when we played an American amphitheatre in 1990, so long ago we couldn’t work out if it was San Francisco or LA. We all headed to our studio and shot footage of us all talking about our memories of each of the singles.”
As part of the project, the band has also released a new version of their latest single Over Again, remixed by post-punk legends A Certain Ratio.
The Charlatans are known for their unusual approach to promotion, having previously commissioned artwork that represented their singles on the periodic table, as classic book covers and on the London Underground train map.
Along with their song apps, an animated version of the Underground ‘Tune Map’ has also been released by the group.

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