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The Grey slammed for ‘fantasy’ wolf portrayal

The Schindler’s List actor plays part of a group of men stranded in Alaska after a plane crash and forced to survive on their wits as a pack of wolves hunts them down.

But the winter wilderness drama has failed to impress chiefs at America’s Wolf Conservation Center.

Managing director Maggie Howell tells the New York Post, “Wolves don’t hunt humans – they actually shy away from them.

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“It’s not anything new for wolves to be portrayed as the bad guy in fairy tales, and we don’t take it seriously because it’s fantasy, but this movie is supposed to be real.”

The film’s publicist Liz Biber explains, “The Grey is a work of entertainment. We have been pleased to work with (environmental group) The Sierra Club and others to spread the word about how the public can support the protection of the grey wolf.”

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