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The Office/Glee set for crossover episode

Steve Carell, Ellie Kemper, Zach Woods and their characters’ Dunder Mifflin co-workers will host a Glee viewing party for the 11 November (10) episode, reports the New York Post.

Executive producer Paul Lieberstein says NBC executives “weren’t thrilled” by the idea, even though they didn’t axe the tribute.

But Glee creators Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy happily signed off on featuring The Office stars watching scenes from the hit FOX show.

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Lieberstein tells the New York Post, “They’re (Glee creators) always so supportive and creatively understanding that when we get really excited about something, they let us do it.”

Lieberstein explained he chose Glee because the show has become a pop culture “phenomenon”, and he’s hoping the tribute will get big laughs, adding, “We watch a lot of TV, we watch ‘Glee.’ We like it… I don’t know – someone said the words ‘Glee viewing party’, and it just made us laugh so hard that we had to do it.”

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