The Rock plans first fight in seven years

Johnson shot to fame as a professional wrestler but has turned his attentions to carving out a career in Hollywood in recent years with lead roles in The Scorpion King and Tooth Fairy.

However, Johnson will return to the wrestling world as The Rock in a match against pro-wrestler John Cena at next year’s (12) WrestleMania 28.

He says, “I wanted to do something special for the fans. I’m very close with Vince McMahon, who’s President of the WWE. We wanted to create something historic. What is historic? The Rock coming back and kicking a** all over the place… It’s gonna be good, I cant wait.”

Johnson returned to the wrestling world on Sunday (03Apr11) to host the Wrestlemania 27 event in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cena has also tasted movie success outside the fighting world – he has starred in action films The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary.