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The star of London’s The Bodyguard worried after car blaze

Beverley Knight, the star of London’s The Bodyguard stage show, has been forced to increase security after her car burst into flames outside her house.
The singer, who has taken on the role of troubled star Rachel in the West End hit musical, has moved into a hotel after the incident in London last week (05Oct16).
“Beverley is really upset by the ordeal and her management has taken her away from the situation,” a source tells The Sun. “She’s been booked into the hotel and given her own bodyguard.”
Knight began her stint in the stage version of The Bodyguard in September, 2013. She returned to the stage as Rachel in July (16).
Ironically, the story behind the stage adaptation of the hit Whitney Houston movie chronicles a singer who is targeted by an obsessed fan who plants a bomb in her dressing room. The scare prompts the character to hire a top bodyguard, played by Kevin Costner.
It’s not Beverley’s first real stalker scare – she recently went through hell at the hands of a Swedish record label assistant.
“He believed that we were going to have a future together,” she said.
But a police spokesman has confirmed the investigation into the blaze is complete stating there was “no evidence found” to suggest the fire was started deliberately.

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