Things They Said at the 62nd Annual Golden Globes

Tearful Foxx remembers his grandmother

Jamie Foxx paid tribute to his late grandmother Estelle Tally at the Golden Globes last night as he fought back tears during his best actor acceptance speech. The funnyman was a clear favorite to claim the honor in the Musical or Comedy category and spent his speech thanking the cast and producers of his hit biopic, Ray. But he lost his composure as he remembered his late grandmother, who died last year. He said, “I used to think it was corny when people would say that people are looking down on you and I didn’t believe it, but I got a feeling…”

Williams pokes fun at Hollywood Foreign Press

Funnyman Robin Williams poked fun at the organizers of the Golden Globes last night as they gave him their highest honor. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who gave Williams his first acting prize for his role in classic TV sitcom Mork & Mindy, handed him their Cecil B. DeMille Award for Lifetime Achievement at the 62nd annual ceremony in Beverly Hills. But after thanking the organization in his acceptance speech, Williams decided to have a little irreverent fun. He said, “I didn’t know what the Foreign Press was. I thought it was a wrestling move.” He continued, “I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for the lovely Star Trek: The Musical set.” Williams completed his speech with a touching tribute to his late pal Christopher Reeve, who he dedicated his award to. He said, “Chris Reeve, I miss you and I also say, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, sweet prince.”

Leary loves Golden Globes freebies

Comedian Denis Leary was delighted when he was nominated for a Golden Globe award because he loves stealing items from backstage at prize givings. The funnyman, who was nominated as a best actor in a TV drama for his part in firefighter series Rescue Me, admits he grabs all the freebies he’s offered, and then some. He said, “I’m thinking about grabbing some free stuff and stealing ashtrays. They give celebrities all this free stuff but, here’s the thing, in the rooms where you go to get the free stuff there’s stuff that’s not free that you can stick in the bags; they’ll never notice. Plus, you’re a celebrity; they’re not gonna stop you… I take everything that’s not bolted down.” Leary also hinted before last night’s ceremony that he might steal someone else’s award–if he doesn’t get one. He added, “In that room, when you go to sneak a smoke with those other guys… there’s gotta be a table full of those things. My award is up early and if I lose I go out, smoke a cigarette, fling–I got a Golden Globe. Three years from now no one’s gonna remember.”

Berry’s missing cat almost ruined

her Golden Globes night

Halle Berry was almost a no-show at last night’s Golden Globe awards because she refused to leave her home until her lost kitten was found. The actress adopted the pet on the set of Catwoman and the two have been inseparable ever since. But Berry was among the last stars to arrive at the Golden Globes when the cat went missing as she was getting ready for the awards show. She explains, “I lost my cat. I have a new kitten and I couldn’t find him and I couldn’t leave my house until I saw his face.”

Hargitay pays a tearful tribute to her dad

Golden Globes best actress, TV drama winner Mariska Hargitay paid a tearful tribute to her dad as she accepted her award, reminding him of the time he attended the ceremony with her mother, silver screen icon Jayne Mansfield. Former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay stood sobbing in the audience as the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star honored him. Hargitay said, “Forty nine years ago, my mother accepted an award and my father was with her and I’m lucky enough tonight to have my father here with me. And I just want to say that you are my hero. You’ve taught me not only by your word but by example dad, and I love you.”

More Things They Said:

“Thanks for the flat shoes, L’Wren.”–Mick Jagger‘s odd thank you to girlfriend L’Wren Scott in his best original song acceptance speech at last night’s Golden Globes. “I thought I was done when they gave me one of the 10 best tuxes out on the line.”–Clint Eastwood was surprised to get a best director prize at the Golden Globes. “I wish I can take what I’m feeling right now and put it into the water systems and everybody can drink it and we would all love each other a whole lot more.”–Jamie Foxx wants to spread a little joy after winning a best actor, drama Golden Globe for his portrayal of Ray Charles in biopic Ray. “It’s nice to know that you’ve won already… No more pimping.”–Robin Williams liked being a Golden Globes Lifetime Achievement Award winner as he strolled up the red carpet. “It’s like trying to get into the United Nations. You have your security checked about 600 times.”–British actress Emily Watson was shocked with the security measures. “I ate lunch after I got dressed, so I had to be extra careful.”–Phantom of the Opera star Emmy Rossum risked a fashion faux pas as she got ready for Golden Globes. “I worry about silly things like I’m wearing authentic ’60s suede boots, and I spent too much time wondering if the nap is going in the right direction.–Aussie actor and winner of best actor in a mini-series or movie Geoffrey Rush was determined to look good at Golden Globes. “We’d rather be with our pals back home in New York, eating Chinese, watching this than standing here.”–Natasha Richardson admits she has reservations whenever she or husband Liam Neeson is nominated for a Golden Globe award–because they have to attend the event. Neeson was nominated for a best actor, drama honor last night. “We actually abandoned the car… and just walked. We were the only people walking up the drive.”–Kevin Spacey was caught up in the traffic chaos at the Golden Globe awards last night. “I’m late for everything.”–Johnny Depp on why he was the last star to arrive at the Golden Globe awards last night. “Mike Nichols, I love you. You’re the nicest, smartest, wisest daddy, friend, rock star–everything.” Natalie Portman gushed about director Mike Nichols in accepting her best supporting actress Golden Globe last night for the movie Closer. “Thank you to my husband. The lunch at the pizza joint was delicious.”–Annette Bening had a special thanks for husband Warren Beatty in accepting her best actress, musical or comedy award last night.

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