Thomas Middleditch ‘wants to kiss’ Leonardo DiCaprio


Thomas Middleditch was awestruck when he first met Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair worked together on 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street and, speaking during an appearance on The IMDb Show, the 37-year-old gushed over his first meeting with the star.

“He’s tall, he’s charming, I shook his hand, he looked into my eyes, and I said to myself, ‘I get it – I get why it happened to him’,” he enthused. “He’s a godsend, he’s an angel, and his feet don’t touch – ever.”

The Silicon Valley actor went on to quip his affection for the star went further than he expected, and admitted he wanted to kiss the star.

“I melted,” he reflected. “I wanted him to hold me, maybe rock me, give me a little kiss on the cheek – on the lips, his choice.”

During the chat, Thomas also opened up about his role in the upcoming movie Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and recalled the moment he realized the scale of the blockbuster.

“There’s this one scene where we’re running around in the Arctic trying to rescue everybody and we’re on this big sound stage and they’ve got sound and smoke and all that kind of stuff,” he enthused. “That felt very much like ‘Oh, I’m in a big movie.’”