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Thursday: ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’

[IMG:L]Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew — 10/9c on VH1

On last week’s premiere, we met the “celebrities” and all was peachy–at least as peachy as things can be when so many camera-hungry loose-cannon egos are packed into one rehab facility.

But, yeah, it did kinda make for compelling guilty-pleasure television.

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Fallen Grease star Jeff Conaway grabbed the most face time; porn star/gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey and Crazy Town front man Shifty Shellshock hit it off immediately and seemed a sure bet to violate the no-touching policy; and Joanie ‘Chyna Doll’ Laurer and Brigitte Nielsen celebrated a reunion of sorts, having both done time on VH1’s Surreal Life.

Elsewhere, American Idol castoff Jessica Sierra, least-famous Baldwin brother Daniel, and Family Matters actress-turned-porn star Jaimee Foxworth bided their timel out of the spotlight.

But the marriage is over tonight!

Shifty Shellshock struggles mightily to get the opiates out of his system, while Jessica tries to confront the turbulent relationship she had with her late mother, who was also an addict. And Conaway returns from the hospital visit we saw in the first episode.

Having undertaken this motley crew of celeb-ish addicts, Dr. Drew is officially ahead of Dr. Phil in the “Best TV Doctor with Alterior Motives” competition, which itself should be turned into a reality show.

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