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Thursday: ‘Miss Guided’

[IMG:L]Miss Guided — 8/7c on ABC

While most people (i.e., males) tune in to CBS to watch the dissolution of their NCAA Tournament brackets, head over to ABC, where it’s guest-star central.

The network’s hot new show Miss Guided–whose hotness might be aided by its Tuesday-night-premiere timeslot immediately following Dancing with the Stars’ second episode of the season–runs two new episodes back-to-back tonight.

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It’s not exactly a wholehearted counterprogramming attempt by ABC, but at least every wife/girlfriend has an option tonight that doesn’t involve basketball.

The freshman sitcom stars longtime character actress Judy Greer (Elizabethtown, Arrested Development, et al.) as a high school guidance counselor…at the school from which she graduated!

The show gets a push tonight almost equaling that of a Dancing with the Stars lead-in: executive producer Ashton Kutcher and Jamie Lynn Spears guest-star as a substitute Spanish teacher and a troubled student, respectively.

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