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Thursday: ‘My Name Is Earl’

[IMG:L]My Name Is Earl — 9/7c on NBC

Welcome back, Earl!

A week before NBC’s full Thursday-night comedy slate returns in earnest from its strike-induced hiatus, My Name Is Earl gets a head start.

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And boy, is the Peacock rollin’ out the red carpet/pullin’ out the big guns!

Not only is tonight’s episode an hour long, and not only does Paris Hilton guest-star, but NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker provides a season recap (it has, after all, been three months since the last new episode aired).

It’s a weird and unconventional gimmick for a show that’s built on them.

As for the actual episode: After being hit by a car, Earl (Jason Lee) slips into a coma and into a bizarro sitcom world, complete with random appearances (enter Paris Hilton).

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