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Thursday: ‘My Name Is Earl’

[IMG:L]My Name Is Earl — 8/7c on NBC

You know about Lost, you know about Survivor and you know about American Idol’s first results show tonight.

But did you know My Name Is Earl returns tonight?! OK, yeah, it’s a repeat, but even the show’s repeats haven’t been on in a while.

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Soon enough, though–early April, more specifically–new episodes of Earl will return from strike-induced hibernation, alongside Thursday cohabitants The Office, 30 Rock and ER.

There was also a rumor that upon return, some Earl episodes could run for a full hour, like tonight’s does, er, did when it originally aired.

It’s from way back when Earl (Jason Lee) took the fall for Joy (Jaime Pressly) and went to jail. Just as he’s having trouble adapting to life on the inside, Randy (Ethan Suplee) is finding it difficult to cope on the outside. Joy steps up to the plate and makes Earl’s life a little less stressful by taking Randy under her wings.

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