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Thursday: ‘Scrubs’

Scrubs – NBC

It wasn’t guaranteed to happen at all. In fact, Scrubs could have been cancelled at any point since its series premiere in 2001, but tonight the show will get the chance to return to the air and present its seventh, presumably final, season. Goes to show what an extremely strong cultish fan base can do for a show’s success.

Through the years there have been an insane amount of plots, celebrity guests, special episodes, and running gags that only the Scrubs universe can house. For instance, when creator Bill Lawrence thought that last season was the end, he killed off cast-favorite Laverne (Aloma Wright). But then came the renewal, so he brought Wright back to play a completely different character and the Sacred Heart staff won’t be able to put their finger on why she looks so familiar. She’ll now be known as Shirley.

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On tonight’s premiere, we continue to see JD and Elliot contemplating their respective commitments to Kim and Keith. Also, the lovebug bites Janitor–as he may have found himself a new girlfriend.

Scrubs’ season premiere airs tonight at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.

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