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Thursday’s… ‘Til Death

‘Til Death – FOX

Towering physical comedy man Brad Garrett has finally stepped out of little Raymond’s shadow to get some of everybody’s love for himself. Despite ratings that have been consistently low, but are now climbing, ‘Til Death has its network’s faith on its side; and the new show, also starring Joely Fisher (Garrett’s “spouse”) and Eddie Kaye Thomas, was picked-up for a full season.

Tonight, Eddie (Garrett) and Joy’s daughter, Allison, comes home from college for the holidays and we find out that she’s negative and sarcastic—just like her dad. But when she gets dumped because of her negativity, she makes a New Year’s resolution to lighten up. When provided with the perfect opportunity to follow suit, does Eddie do the same?

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‘Til Death airs Thursdays at 8/7c on FOX.

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