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Thursday’s with Silverman

The Sarah Silverman Program – Comedy Central

I can’t promise you won’t be offended in some way by the brash, no-holds-barred comedic stylings of Sarah Silverman, but she has already proven that she doesn’t care either way. Audiences have gotten to know Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel’s significant other, from the prank-call puppet show Crank Yankers, and her brassy 2006 film, Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic. Through those performances and her work on stage, it became crystal clear to see that nothing is taboo in her off-kilter universe. In her new Comedy Central show she plays Sarah Silverman (brilliant casting), a woman whose life is told through a string of sketches and animation.

The Sarah Silverman Program airs tonight at 10:30/11:30c on Comedy Central.

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