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Tim McGraw’s girlfriend told him to stay away from Faith Hill the first time they met

Tim Mcgraw fell for his wife Faith Hill the first time he met her and the connection was so obvious his girlfriend at the time insisted he stay away from the singer.
The This Kiss singer was newly separated from her first husband Daniel Hill when she first locked eyes on Tim at a Country Radio Seminar showcase for new artists in Nashville, Tennessee in 1994, and the attraction was obvious – especially to McGraw’s then girlfriend.
“For me, there was an intense physical attraction,” he tells Billboard. “I guess my girlfriend saw it in my eyes. She said, ‘I don’t want you around her’.”
But he couldn’t get the singer out of his mind and when he became a headliner two years later, he picked Faith as his opening act.
She was engaged to her record producer at the time.
Within months the pair was dating and after a whirlwind romance McGraw and Hill wed in October, 1996.
Three daughters later and 21 years, Faith insists destiny brought herself and her husband together – because they were just meant to be.
“Although our stories are very different, there was a missing link within our souls that we both related to,” she tells Billboard.
McGraw explains Faith gave him the stability of a family he had craved as a young boy, after learning his biological father, Samuel Timothy McGraw – a professional baseball star – wanted nothing to do with him.
The Humble & Kind singer reveals he was 11 when he discovered his mother’s husband was not his real dad, and he still regrets not tackling his father for wanting nothing to do with his son when they became close towards the end of his life.
“I didn’t think it bothered me that much, but the older I get, the more I think about it,” Tim explains.
Tim and Hill cared for ‘Tug’ McGraw when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, and moved him into their Nashville farm before he died in 2004.
“I was hoping he’d bring it up,” the country star says. “That’s one of my biggest regrets, that we never had that conversation.”

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