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Todd Lincoln’s supernatural fascination started as a boy

Lincoln admits it’s no surprise his first feature-length directorial debut, The Apparition, is a horror movie as he has long been researching spirits and the afterlife.

He tells WENN, “I’ve always been interested in the macabre and the supernatural from an early age.

“I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma near Swan Lake which was actually a watering hole for the pioneers and Native Americans and there’s a rich history of them dumping bodies in this lake… I lived in this historic home that was supposedly haunted. One of the original owners had committed suicide in the room next to my bedroom and I would hear terrifying things, like things being moved around, leaving the room and coming back and some objects had moved, or heavy footsteps running after me on these old wood floors without anything there; lights going on and off. That piqued my curiosity to dig in the children’s library about ghosts.”

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Lincoln was also just a child when he started staying up late to watch bloody thrillers like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Night of The Living Dead with his “irresponsible heavy metal punk rock babysitters”, and his mother’s job didn’t help either.

He says, “My mum worked on the first made-for-video horror films like Blood Cult and The Ripper and she was working in the art department and would drive to the local butcher in Tulsa and get all the leftover blood and guts and intestines and animal parts.

“She’d put them in this trash bag and set it on my lap (in the car) and all these blood and guts and intestines would be sloshing around. We’d have the windows down and she’d be speeding from the butcher shop to the set. It was all around me.”

The Apparition stars Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan as a couple haunted by an unknown presence after a college experiment-gone-wrong.

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