Tom Cruise and Jack Reacher co-stars totalled nine cars for film

Castmate David Oyelowo reveals the actors were filming a dangerous chase scene when they lost control of their cars – but luckily they were able to walk away from the accident unscathed.

It wasn’t the only occasion where cars were smashed, and Oyelowo admits he feared for his pals’ safety.

He says, “Nine cars were totalled during these three weeks of shooting. At one point there was a collision between Tom and Jai Courtney where the air bag was deployed as well. No one got hurt. Safety was paramount but it was harrowing at points.

“Tom is so incredible in that car and we had a lot of training so the margin for error though small, we were safe and surrounded by technicians should anything happen.”

Director Christopher McQuarrie admits Cruise was very involved in the stunt planning and even came up with his own vision for one action sequence.

He explains, “The scene that was written was very short, ‘He drives away from the hotel and crashes the car and runs away.’ Tom read those pages and had a vision. He said, ‘I think this could be the central piece of the movie, tell me what you want and we’ll figure out how to do it…’

“Tom was very experienced driving that car and he became very familiar driving two or three hours a day. A clutch would break (on one car) and then he’d have to know the new car – there were four different cars he was driving (for the film). Tom would come up with stunts 30 minutes before we would shoot them.”