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Tom Cruise: ‘I’ll start work on Top Gun 2 in the next year’

Tom Cruise will start shooting the Top Gun sequel in the next 12 months.
While promoting his new film The Mummy, the 54-year-old has revealed he’s ready to return to the big screen as ace pilot Maverick in a follow-up to his hit 1986 film.
Talking on Australia’s Sunrise morning show, the movie star said, “I’m going to start filming it probably in the next year. It’s happening. It is definitely happening.”
Meanwhile Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer has also announced he’s keen to get going on the sequel, revealing it will chronicle what Cruise’s character has been doing for the past 30 years.
“We talked a little bit about Top Gun,” the movie mogul said. “He’s excited, he’d love to do it, and Paramount (studio), of course, would like to do it. So once we get all the ducks in a row, hopefully we’ll bring it to the screen.
“It’s an iconic character that he helped create, so I think we would like to see what happened to Maverick.”

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