Tom Cruise scared mother with childhood daredevil antics


Tom Cruise used to frighten his mother with his daredevil antics as a child.

The 54-year-old action star has made a career performing death defying stunts, but when he was young his mother Mary Lee was not impressed with his love of adventure.

In an interview on U.K. TV show This Morning he revealed, “I was a daredevil as a kid – I used to climb trees! My poor mother… I’d climb really high trees on windy days, and my mum used to make cookies to try and get me down.”

These days Tom is meticulous in his preparation before taking on stunts like a spectacular zero-gravity action sequence in his new movie The Mummy.

“You get a little banged up but I train for it, and we section off these stunts so that we’re not doing a fight sequence one after another. And I prep for it. I’m very careful and always training,” he added.
One thing Tom could not prepare for was the effects of weightlessness when filming The Mummy, as filming the groundbreaking zero-gravity scene took a grueling 64 takes.

For each period of weightlessness, the actor, his co-star Annabelle Wallis and the film’s crew had to be flown up to 25,000 feet before their plane dived to simulate a zero-gravity environment.
As well as climbing trees, another of Tom’s childhood memories is watching the original 1932 horror version of The Mummy starring Boris Karloff.

Tom said that he found the classic film so scary he used to sneak into his sisters’ room because he was too frightened to sleep on his own.

He revealed, “I remember being six years old and seeing it on television, it was the old 30s one and I had three sisters and they all slept in one room, and I was a guy so I had my own room, I was very lucky, but at the end I had to sneak into their room and sleep on their floor because I was so terrified!”

The latest version of The Mummy, which in addition to Tom and Annabelle also stars Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella, is released on Friday (09Jun17).

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