Tom Ford to launch new ‘science based’ skincare range

U.S. designer Tom Ford is launching a new skincare line, which he’ll create in his very own Estee Lauder laboratory.
The 57 year old has enlisted the help of bosses at the U.S. beauty company in order to craft a collection of skincare products, he’ll call Tom Ford Research.
”I wanted to start a serious skincare arm and have it be science-based,” he explains. “This is a real skincare product and regimen. I’m not a designer who has thrown his name on a beautifully packaged cream.”
While creating the products, Ford drew inspiration from his own experiences and advice he’s received from dermatologists in the past.
The filmmaker tells WWD, ”Years ago, a dermatologist told me that the best thing for puffy eyes was moist tea bags. Every time I did it, I noticed that it also moisturised my skin.”
After experimenting with 75 different concoctions, Ford has unveiled the first of his products, with the Serum Concentrate and Creme Concentrate available next month (Aug19). They will be infused with caffeine from Japanese green tea, gyokuro, and rare ground white porcelain cacao beans.
Three more products will debut in spring 2020.