Tom Hanks Says ‘Splash’ Remake Will Work — If They Get One Thing Right

Splash, Darryl Hannah, Tom Hanks
Buena Vista Pictures

Tom Hanks believes a gender-bending version of his film Splash will work – as long as actress Jillian Bell can find co-star Channing Tatum attractive.

Bosses at Disney are reportedly in discussions to remake the beloved 1984 film, with Magic Mike star taking on the underwater role originated by Daryl Hannah, while Bell will take on the part which helped to launch Hanks’ career.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if he thought the merman twist was a good idea, Hanks exclaimed, “Fantastic! Why not! Give it a shot.”

He went on to commend the 22 Jump Street actress, but quipped about attempting to find chemistry with the Hollywood hunk, saying, “Jillian Bell’s gonna have a blast, but she’s just gotta love that guy. If she can work up a romance with Channing Tatum, she’s a better actor than I am.”

“That dude,” he continued. “Channing Tatum? What a doofus. If she can find some reason to be attracted to him, then I’m rooting for her.”

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Channing is also expected to serve as a producer on the project, alongside Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, who directed the original release.

A director has yet to be announced, but Marja-Lewis Ryan has apparently been recruited to write the revamped script.

The original movie centred on a young boy who is saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid. She returns 20 years later and falls in love with the grown-up kid, before giving him the option of continuing to live on land or join her in the sea.