Tom Hiddleston Is Over Playing Loki In Marvel Films

Tom Hiddleston, Thor: The Dark World
Walt Disney

Tom Hiddleston is ready to move on from his role as Loki in the Marvel superhero film franchise.

The British actor earned his status as a rising Hollywood star in Marvel Studios’ 2011 film Thor, in which he played the title character’s mischievous brother.

Since then he has won fans by reprising the role in a number of follow-up films, most notably the studio’s 2012 smash hit, The Avengers, in which Loki was the main antagonist.

However, Tom is now ready to retire as a supervillain and has already arranged with Marvel bosses when his final appearance in the franchise will be.

“Truthfully, I do actually know at the moment how many more times I’m going to play Loki, but I’m not going to tell you,” he told the New York Daily News. “It’s not personal it’s just keeping it fresh for all paying customers to enjoy their films.”

Despite his desire to stop playing a villain, the 35-year-old reveals he has enjoyed his time as Loki as he finds the costumes actors have to wear for comic book movies hilarious.

“That’s what happens on set…everyone starts laughing at each other because the costumes are so extreme,” he shared. “You’re standing there with the crew, everyone holding Styrofoam cups of coffee and everyone is wearing very brightly coloured leather, that’s highly entertaining.”

Quitting would give the actor more time to take on other film parts, and he is rumoured to being considered as a replacement for Daniel Craig as British superspy James Bond.

He has previously admitted he’d likely take the role if offered it, and last month told U.K. newspaper The Sunday Times, “I love the whole thing (James Bond films). If it ever came knocking, it would be an extraordinary opportunity.”

Although he says he’s ready to stop doing Marvel films Tom is scheduled to make at least one more appearance in a Marvel movie – as he’s been cast in Thor: Ragnorok, which will hit cinemas next year (17).