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Tom Holland heading into Uncharted territory

Actor Tom Holland is suiting up for another action franchise after landing the lead role in the film adaptation of hit video game Uncharted.
The star of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie will portray young treasure hunter Nathan Drake in the project, set to be directed by Shawn Levy.
According to TheWrap.com, the Night at the Museum filmmaker plans to rework the story as a prequel to the popular games, which debuted on PlayStation 3 in 2007.
A screenwriter has yet to be hired for the Sony Pictures release, but the news of Holland’s casting hasn’t gone down well with fans of the franchise, who claim the Brit has too much of a baby-face for the lead character, who was modelled after TV daredevil Johnny Knoxville and veteran actor Harrison Ford, among others, and is known for his dark facial hair.
Gamers took to social media to make their feelings known, with one Twitter user protesting, “You guys, we’re getting Uncharted Rugrats!!!!!”
Another wrote, “Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie? They already made that. It was called The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.”
The disgruntled fan then added the hashtag “#NotMyNathan”, which others quickly picked up on.
Some critics insisted Holland wasn’t the one at fault, blaming filmmakers for wanting to portray a younger version of Drake on the big screen, instead of sticking to the image made famous in the video games.
“Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake isn’t a bad casting,” reasoned one Twitter user, “it’s just that a young Nathan Drake movie is a bad idea.”
Levy and Holland have yet to respond to the early backlash.

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