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Tom Selleck shoots down fresh divorce rumours

Veteran actor Tom Selleck is sick of false rumours suggesting his 29-year marriage is on the rocks, insisting the tabloid reports couldn’t be further from the truth.
The Magnum, P.I. star’s union to Jillie Mack has frequently come under scrutiny in the press, and the divorce rumour surfaced once again earlier this month (Feb16), but Tom is keen to clear up the claims once and for all.
“We’re not getting a divorce!,” the 71-year-old actor declared on U.S. talk show The View on Wednesday (24Feb16). “I know there’s that silly tabloid story… running around. I don’t want to shock anybody, but they (tabloid reporters) make this stuff up.
“I love my wife dearly, I think she loves me; she wrote me a great note on Valentine’s Day…!”
The couple, which first began dating in 1983, has become so used to the tabloid rumours, they’ve become a running joke between Tom and Jillie.
“I said, ‘Did you hear (we’re getting a divorce)? Is there something I don’t know?’,” he laughed, “and Jillie said the same thing, but we’re kind of used to it, they make stuff up.”
However, Tom insists it’s not just their marriage which has become a talking point in the press of late, after hitting headlines for allegedly stealing water for his avocado farm and ranch during the drought in California last summer (15).
A complaint was filed by the executives at the Calleguas Municipal Water District after one of his property employees was allegedly caught illegally transporting water across district boundaries on at least 12 occasions since 2013.
Tom denied the accusations but agreed to pay more than $21,000 (£15,090) to settle the water dispute in July (15), and he still can’t believe it turned into such a big news story.
“Somebody was saying I was stealing water from fire hydrants a few months ago…,” he recalled. “It was a total fabrication by the mainstream media, but… I had news vans and helicopters around my property for three days!”

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