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Tom Waits suing over French horse opera

Tom Waits is locked in a court battle with a circus performer, amid allegations the Frenchman has exploited the rocker’s music in an equestrian opera.
Horse trainer Bartabas has launched a new Circus Zingaro show titled, On Acheve Bien les Anges (They Shoot Angels, Don’t They?), which features a total of 16 tracks by Waits.
Bartabas claims he paid over $447,000 (£360,500) to use the tunes, but Waits insists he never agreed to the deal, according to Pitchfork.com.
Waits recently tried to have Bartabas’ show in France shut down, but his bid was dismissed by a French judge last month (Sep16).
The rocker has since filed a second civil court suit, seeking to halt Bartabas’ plans to take the show to the U.K. Waits and his wife and fellow songwriter, Kathleen Brennan, are demanding $560,000 (£451,700) in compensation.
In legal papers obtained by Britain’s The Guardian newspaper, Waits claims he would never have allowed Bartabas to take advantage of his music.
His complaint reads in part: “I turn down all commercial product endorsement offers and rarely collaborate or lend my name or work to other endeavours. It is my choice to get paid or not to get paid. And that value has been taken and exploited for the profit and promotion of Bartabas’s career and for his religious and political ideology, which neither the songs nor I chose to express.
“In short, it violates the integrity of my work… Bartabas hitches a free ride to the marketplace on this misperception… and the whole thing just really burns me up.”

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