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Tommy Lee campaigns against Arkansas ‘turkey drop’

Rocker Tommy Lee has personally appealed to the Mayor of Yellville, Arkansas to put a stop to the city’s “sick” Thanksgiving holiday tradition of throwing live turkeys out of planes.
The Motley Crue star was horrified to learn the practice is part of the annual Turkey Trot festival, and he has penned an open letter to Mayor Shawn Lane on behalf of campaigners at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), urging him to end the animal cruelty.
In the message, Tommy writes, “I’ve met some wild Arkansans over the years while touring there with Motley Crue, and I thought I’d heard it all. But I just heard from my friends at PETA about a twisted Ozark (mountain region) ritual that even the most deranged headbanger couldn’t invent: dropping live turkeys from a plane as the ;entertainment’ at the ‘family-friendly’ Turkey Trot festival. I’m writing to add my voice to the thousands of others asking you to help deep-six (destroy) this sick stunt.”
The musician goes on to list off a number of the state’s other “cool outdoor gatherings that don’t rely on sadism”, insisting, “If those attending the Turkey Trot want blood and guts, they can hit the Sun Valley Cinema afterward and see the newest slasher movie.”
Concluding his note, he adds, “As a longtime fan of the Ozarks, I respectfully ask you and the Chamber of Commerce to use your power to drop the turkey drop. Sincerely, Tommy Lee”.

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