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Tony Blackburn suing BBC over firing

Veteran British DJ Tony Blackburn is planning to take legal action against BBC bosses for sacking him for his connection to a sexual abuse probe.
The radio disc jockey was linked to a report, set to be published on Thursday (25Feb16), which was commissioned more than three years ago to investigate how late entertainer Jimmy Savile got away with sexually abusing children at the BBC.
In the review, it has been revealed another DJ was accused of seducing a 15 year girl in 1971, and Blackburn has come forward to confirm he is the presenter in question and he has been fired from the BBC this week (beg22Feb16) because of the report.
However, he states the complaint was later withdrawn, he was not guilty of any misconduct, and he believes he was fired because the evidence he gave Dame Janet Smith, who led the report, differed to the version of events given by BBC bosses. They claim in the review that he was interviewed about the claims, but Blackburn insists he was not.
He released a statement via Twitter.com confessing he was “devastated” to be fired after 49 years with the corporation, and would be taking legal action against BBC executives for damaging his reputation.
He writes, “Sadly what is happening to me now seems to be entirely in keeping with the past BBC culture of whitewash and cover-up… sadly, despite being aware of my evidence for many months, if not years, the BBC have decided to make me a scapegoat and have taken away any future opportunity I have to broadcast for them.
“Naturally I am now left with no choice but to take legal action against the BBC. They have taken away a career I love and I will not allow them to destroy my reputation.”
Savile’s sexual abuse was uncovered in 2012, a year after his death. On Thursday, Smith’s review absolved BBC executives of responsibility, as she found there was no evidence that any senior member of staff knew about his conduct.

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