Tony Iommi: ‘Lemmy really did drink a bottle of whiskey a day’

Black Sabbath star Tony Iommi has confirmed long-running rumours hard-living rocker Lemmy Kilmister downed a bottle of whiskey every day during the height of his career.
The Motorhead frontman passed away on Monday (28Dec15) just two days after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and four days after his 70th birthday.
His passing sparked an outpouring of tributes from across the music industry, and Tony, who has been battling a form of cancer himself in recent months, has now spoken out about the legends of Lemmy, including the rumour that he drank a bottle of Jack Daniel’s daily.
“I think Lemmy is the epitome of rock and roll. He’s always lived a wild lifestyle. It’s the whole thing: sex, drugs and rock and roll. And he really lived that life, and he loved it,” Tony tells the BBC.
When asked about the Jack Daniel’s rumour, Tony adds, “He did. He drank a bottle of Jack Daniel’s. On tour… They (Motorhead) toured with us many, many times – probably thirty times – over the (years). And we used to have to do his rider, ’cause they’d have to present their rider to us of what they’re gonna eat and drink.
“And there was never any food; it was always two bottles of Jack Daniel’s, two bottles of vodka, a couple of cases of beer. And that was them; that’s the way they were. And they didn’t pull any punches; people knew how they lived. And they really did live that lifestyle.”
Tony goes on to insist losing Lemmy has made him appreciate his success with his own battle with lymphoma: “Every time one of my friends go, and it’s that. It’s, ‘Oh, God!’ You don’t know how far away you are from it. But you just plod on. And I’m still here.”
He also wants organisers of Britain’s Download music festival to stage a tribute to Lemmy at the 2016 event, adding, “I would certainly hope so. Absolutely. I mean, that guy has done so much for music. He’s offered a style that nobody was doing, and he loved every minute… He loved his fans, he loved what he did…”