Top 10 Adam Sandler Characters

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan features Adam Sandler‘s latest kooky character–an Israeli secret agent who just dreams of becoming a hair stylist. Between movies, Saturday Night Live and his comedy albums, Sandler has come up with many memorable alter egos. Here are the top 10 Adam Sandler characters, preceding the ultimate Zohan.

10. Canteen Boy (Saturday Night Live)
In his SNL heydays, Adam played a lot of similar characters, in which he would just babble and act like a stunted man-child. But Canteen Boy, an innocent boy scout, was particularly hilarious–especially when Alec Baldwin as the scout leader tries to seduce him. Classic.[PAGEBREAK]

9. Mamma (They’re All Gonna Laugh At You)
Mamma is a persona from Sandler‘s first comedy album, who actually trademarks the CD title. In fact, it’s the only thing she says. Sandler recorded it once and played it over and over again–and once you listen to it, you’ll never get it out of your head.[PAGEBREAK]

8. Cajun Man (Saturday Night Live)
As one of his first recurring characters on SNL, Sandler’s whole shtick as Cajun Man is to end all his words with a “tion,” so he can pronounce it with a Cajun twinge and give his “Weekend Update” commentaries. He must have given a thesaurus quite a workout.[PAGEBREAK]

7. The Buffoon (They’re All Gonna Laugh At You)
The Buffoon appears several times on Sandler‘s first album. His main catch phrase cannot be printed here, and his silly voice is quintessential Sandler. [PAGEBREAK]

6. Billy Madison (Billy Madison
Sandler‘s first starring film role remains a classic. Granted, as Billy, his gibberish babbling and boorish outbursts seems very familiar to his SNL characters, but he is so relentless in the role, it sets a high standard for all Sandler-ites.[PAGEBREAK]

5. Robbie Hart (The Wedding Singer)
As soon as you see Sandler in that curly mullet, you know you’re in for another Sandler classic. The cheesy ’80s love songs are the perfect addition to his musical repertoire–and the role finally shows a softer, gentler and romantic Sandler. [PAGEBREAK]

4. Berry Egan (Punch Drunk Love)
Who knew Adam Sandler had it in him? Paul Thomas Anderson’s offbeat dark romantic comedy takes Sandler’s acting skills to the next level. His Berry Egan–a shy, beleaguered small-business owner with some serious anger issues–could be his most challenging to date. You root for him to get the girl, however odd their coupling is. [PAGEBREAK]

3. Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy)
Everyone loves the Waterboy. Of course, all Sandler really does is play meek, speak in a Cajun accent and eventually, once riled, become a super defensive lineman on the local college football team. But the film was Sandler’s first $100 million hit, and as highly quotable as it is, the film is a staple in every frat house around the country. [PAGEBREAK]

2. Opera Man (Saturday Night Live)
This character really shows how creative Sandler can be. No, seriously! Just singing opera in a fake tenor voice is brilliant enough, but turning “Weekend Update” news items into pseudo-Italian rhymes is a stroke of genius. [PAGEBREAK]

1. Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore)
Based on an informal study of dudes who love Sandler movies, Happy seems to be everyone’s favorite. They love the hockey player-turned-golfer and his angry tirades on the golf course, as well as his one-liners against villain Shooter McGavin (Chris MacDonald). And then there’s the fist fight with Bob Barker. Good stuff. Following Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore cemented Sandler’s successful film career–and a decade’s worth of hits proves it.