Tori Spelling designed hospital gown for latest labour

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star decided to create her own “uber-chic” kaftan-style garment so she would be comfortable during and after the birth of her second son, Finn Davey.

In a blog on her official website, she writes, “I decided (to) make my own hospital gown. I knew I could do a lot better than the gowns given at the hospital or even sold at stores. So I picked a fabric and made my very own gown… I couldn’t wait to welcome my baby into this world wearing an uber-chic dress that was delivery room ready… I draped the material and I had decided how I wanted it to look… I took it to a seamstress who made my hospital kaftan dreams come true.

“My DIY (do-it-yourself) gown was super functional (stretchy, comfy, allowed for… my little man to breastfeed), and was definitely a huge hit at the hospital!”

Spelling is no stranger to the maternity ward – she fell pregnant with Finn just a month after giving birth to her third child Hattie in October 2011.