Tracee Ellis Ross Avoids Drinking Coffee as it Gives Her Anxiety


Tracee Ellis Ross avoids drinking coffee as a single sip can cause her to suffer an anxiety attack.

The actress showcases her vibrant personality through her eclectic outfits and role as Dr. Rainbow Johnson on hit ABC comedy series Black-ish, for which she has won a Golden Globe Award.

While some may assume that Tracee maintains her bubbly personality with the help of caffeine, she has now shared that she never touches the stuff.

“I drank coffee once in high school during an exam. And we were in the gym and I swear to God, I drank two sips and I was like, ‘Oh now this is weird.’ Because I felt like my entire soul went up and slapped on the ceiling,” she said during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (10Oct17), going on to explain that she doesn’t drink or consume much caffeine or chocolate.

“I have a very wiry, energetic personality and so coffee and sugar and stimulants of any kind, even chocolate, make me feel like I’m having an anxiety attack or panic attack. I don’t like that feeling. It just feels like anxiety it doesn’t feel like energy.”

During her interview, Tracee also discussed her role in Black-ish and shared how proud she is to be involved in a sitcom that isn’t afraid to tackle social and political issues. The fourth season features an episode about post-partum depression, and the 44-year-old can’t praise the show’s writers enough for shining a topic on important topics.

“I think the writers are incredible, I really do. I think the way they enter the subject matter is interesting the fact that we deal with the N-word, gun control, police brutality – it’s still funny without making fun of those topics. It’s really exciting, it makes it really fun work for me to do,” she added.