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Trump fuming over restaurant clash

The reality TV star wants to construct a massive beachfront facility, Trump on the Ocean, in Nassau County’s Jones Beach State Park on the site of the former landmark restaurant Boardwalk Cafe, which was demolished in 2004.

Trump wants to extend the building over several floors, including a basement, but he has run into opposition from members of the community, who are concerned about sending workers to build a subterranean level in the area, which is an officially designated flood zone.

Critics have also complained about the size of the project and the potential traffic jams it could cause.

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The Apprentice star won a court battle last month (Sep10) to build the lower level on the basis that the previous property also had a basement – but he admits he’s outraged that New Yorkers aren’t supporting his plans to improve what he has branded a “rat-infested dump”.

He tells the Associated Press, “The word I’d use is incomprehensible… I was going to build a magnificent building on the boardwalk that would have made (urban planner) Robert Moses envious and proud. It would have been the best building in the entire state parks system… the finest dining and banquet facility in the world.

“This is the result of gross incompetence on the part of the state of New York. This would have been really successful, and they don’t want that. It would have helped everybody.”

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