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Tuesday: ‘American Idol’

[IMG:L]American Idol — 8/7c on Fox

It’s Mariah Carey week on American Idol, which could make things interesting for the Cooks–Kristy Lee and David.

In fact, the Carey theme could spell the end of the road for Kristy Lee, who, although talented and pop-star beautiful, has shown no ability or willingness to veer in a non-country direction; Carey’s songbook, meanwhile, is entire pop/soul/R&B, the kryptonite of a country gal.

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Perennial fave David Cook, likewise, has been reluctant to break free of his own roots–rock ‘n’ roll–which was OK for Beatles week and even Dolly Parton week, but could hurt him a bit this time around.

Of course, he’s probably safe till the finale no matter what he does or doesn’t do, as there’s no one else left in the competition (now that Michael Johns is gone!) appealing to the large contingency of voters who listen to modern-rock radio.

So, here’s my (likely way-off) predictions for the bottom three: Kristy Lee Cook (for the reasons mentioned above); Syesha Mercado (even though she will thrive under the Carey theme, Mercado has been in the bottom three thrice over the past five weeks and clearly doesn’t connect with a large enough “group” of voters; sadly, that’s the way Idol works); and Jason Castro (young-girl voters love him, but not nearly as much as they love David Archuleta, and Castro’s novelty is beginning to wear off).

Of those three, I’m predicting Kristy Lee goes home Wednesday night. That said, nobody in the world predicted Johns’ premature elimination last week and voters are uber-whimsical. So…

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