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Tuesday: ‘Beauty and the Geek’

[IMG:L]Beauty and the Geek — 8/7c on The CW

It’s the vainest show on TV–and it’s back for another season!

Not that Beauty and the Geek–produced by Ashton Kutcher and his Punk’d cohorts–doesn’t make for superb guilty-pleasure television, but c’mon.

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It’s like Celebrity Rehab, only for “geeks” instead of “celebrities”: Both shows operate under the guise of nobility, yet make a mockery of their subjects (i.e., geeks for The CW’s show and drug addiction for VH1’s).

And just what is a geek? It used to be a term that was less classifiable, but Beauty and the Geek subscribes to the stereotype: male, shirt tucked into too-high pants, glasses, etc.

OK, it’s a smidge funny, as long as you roll your eyes while snickering.

This season (No. 5), the games have only just begun–literally.

The nine beauties and nine geeks will compete against each other now, as opposed to beauty-geek teams, in events like picking up phone numbers in a bar. Lowbrow entertainment at its lowest = high ratings.

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