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Tuesday: ‘Dancing with the Stars’

[IMG:L]Dancing with the Stars — 9/8 on ABC

This isn’t just any ol’ results show tonight.

It’s the week before the finale, and DWTS brings out the big(ger) guns to celebrate: Avril Lavigne performs her hit songs “Hot” and “Complicated” (for a viewing audience that would seem to collectively be about three decades her senior, but that’s OK).

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That’s not all, though, as newly outed couple Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas will dance to accompany said chart-topping singles in addition to a performance by Riverdance maestro Michael Flatley.

And, oh, yeah, those ninth-round results, which will set the stage for next week’s season finale.


Charlie Brown Thanksgiving — 8/7c; He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown — 8:30/7:30c on ABC
As traditional as the family dinner itself–a couple nights later–Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special compels you to gather ‘round the TV and watch a decades-old cartoon; eye-rolling is optional. It’s the same old story from 1973: Charlie plays the host and Snoopy the chef, doling out Thanksgiving faves like ice cream, popcorn and toast. Immediately following Thanksgiving is the same Charlie Brown special from last year, He’s a Bully, created from the last original script by Charles Schulz (who died in 2000).

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