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Tuesday: ‘Live to Be 150…Can You Do It?’

[IMG:L]Live to Be 150…Can You Do It? — 10/9c on ABC

Gotta love Barbara Walters: She’s still chasing down that fountain of youth after all these specials!

But are they not still extremely fascinating?

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Whether or not you answered that rhetorical question is of little consequence to Babs–she’s back tonight with another ABC report.

Live to Be 150 explores ways to increase longevity and keep people active longer, but also included are reports on advances in anti-aging, the potential socioeconomic implications of longer lifespan, and interviews with old-timers–the living proof!

Although such specials tend to sensationalize the elusive fountain of youth, there are always practical tidbits contained within, and that’s what keeps the theme, well, young at heart.

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