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Tulisa: ‘X Factor trolls nearly caused a breakdown’

Tulisa Contostavlos prefers living in a fame-free bubble where she can solely concentrate on her real life.
The 27-year-old singer was a judge on The X Factor for the 2011 and 2012 shows. Despite being used to fame prior to the show thanks to her days in the band N-Dubz, Tulisa admits she hadn’t been prepared for the level of negativity she would attract on the ITV television talent series.
“When you put yourself out there people feel like they can judge you,” she said in a new documentary “I have had some ridiculous abusive comments. When I was doing The X Factor I could get 500 abusive tweets a day – that is negative for anyone.
“(The people who write these comments don’t think they would leave a celebrity) crying their eyes out having a nervous breakdown over a tweet.”
Since then, Tulisa has been doing her best to stay out of the headlines and has become wary about what she shares with her 3.62 million followers on Twitter.
Instead, she prefers to distance herself from the world of celebrity and focus on being herself with her friends and family.
“The more I put myself out there the more I am on a platform to be judged,” she said. “Right now I figure the less I say the less gip (trouble) I get. I like creating a bubble where I am not being Tulisa and I retreat and this is my real life.”
Tulisa was speaking as part of singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s documentary for channel W entitled ON Fame. In the programme, Sophie examines just how social media has changed fame over the past few years.
In order to immerse herself in the show Sophie, who is usually an infrequent tweeter, decided to copy everything prolific sharer Kim Kardashian posted on her own social networking pages for a whole week.
Embarking on the challenge was a tough ask for Sophie, who was concerned she would attract negative attention from jealous fans with her posts.
“I am a lucky person, I live what I consider to be a charmed life but I don’t think it is always in the best taste to constantly share that with people because not everybody is lucky like that,” she said.
“When you are in the public eye everything you post has the potential to attract negativity and this is one of my biggest concerns with social media. If you need something negative it can feel really personal and if you are sensitive to that it really stays with you.”

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