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TV bosses banned Selleck from shaving moustache

The former Magnum P.I. star admits he wanted to change his look last year (10), before filming began on the series, in which he features as Police Commissioner Frank Reagan.

He tells New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, “I’ve had it off periodically. When the series started I suggested doing without it. So I said, ‘First, better check with (TV network bosses at) CBS’… and the moustache stayed.”

However, Selleck, 66, admits taking care of his facial hair is a time consuming chore, because he has to constantly dye his moustache.

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He explains, “It needs trimming a bit more for this character. I trim it myself. And tint it myself. My father and grandfather were gray, I’m not. I have to do the opposite. To lighten it. Gray it up a bit, which takes 20 minutes a day, otherwise the thing comes out on camera as black.”

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