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All Hugged Out…
In what was a disappointing season finale to a show whose season started with such promise, Entourage ended its summer run with a half hour of will he? or won’t he? That is, will Vince fire Ari, or will he realize that Ari is the best thing to happen to him? Sadly for everyone’s favorite agent, after Vince gives him one last chance to prove his loyalty, Ari bombs and Vince fires him in the last seconds of the finale. But what is Vince thinking? All season, his career has been taking a nose dive. Sure, Ari lost him the movie role playing Joey Ramone, a part Vince desperately wanted, but that shouldn’t end a beautiful relationship. My prediction for next season? Ari will not rest until he gets his biggest client back. I bet old-time producer Bob never even sold the script to Warner Bros. to flounder in no man’s land. He just said that to spite Ari, but the uber-agent will discover the truth and make nice once again, convincing Bob to make the Ramones movie–with Vince in the lead.

No More Rosettes! Thank You God!
I have been waiting from the very first episode of this season’s Project Runway to see Angela, that horrifically dressed, rosette-loving mess, to be removed from the popular reality show. I was close to starting a petition to get her ousted, until Runway made my week with possibly the best competition reality show send off in history. The designers were challenged to make an outfit for a trendy jetsetter (mind you, Angela has no clue what a jetsetter is), and they find out they are designing for themselves. But here’s the twist: Instead of the typical elimination, the designers were sent to Paris, France. Kayne’s Elvis-inspired travesty and Angela’s rosette embarrassment were the bottom two, but only one designer was put right back on the plane. The roar in my living room was deafening. Even Angela’s linen and silk brown capris couldn’t make the flight back without seriously wrinkling. As a side note, Jeffery won for his mock-Aerosmith extremely tight pants and could quite possibly be the most evil person on reality TV. Therefore, no honorable mention needed.

Rock Star: Supernova May Be Doomed Before They Find Their Frontman
I need to vent. Although rock music isn’t my favorite, I have found myself drawn to Rock Star: Supernova. It could be Dave Navarro, or Tommy Lee, or maybe I have a huge crush on contestant Ryan Star. He’s really good! But then this past week, it was like re-living Chris Daughtry’s untimely send off on American Idol last season. In true rock star fashion, the ousted Ryan told Supernova just how much better they would be with him fronting the band. Their loss. Good luck to the guys of Supernova since there are only two good people left–Magni and Toby. Hmmm, I wonder who will win?

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
It’s almost here! Grey’s Anatomy will be back Sept. 21, and I am counting down the days.

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