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TV Rewind: Big Upset on ‘American Idol’; Twins Break Up on ‘8th and Ocean’; Stereotypes Crack on ‘The Real World’

Shocked and Disappointed with American Idol
I know I am not the only person in America completely blindsided by the fact that Chris Daughtry got sent home on last week’s American Idol. He was a favorite to win the competition from day one, but then suddenly, the hunky rocker is singing his final song on the Idol stage. Shocked and confused doesn’t even COVER it. I have a big problem with this. I may even take Idol off my TiVo list, I’m so disgusted. He has had the most votes just about every week, and then unexplainably, has the least votes? Not to mention the fact that Katherine bombed trying to sing Elvis songs. From the look on her face, even SHE thought she should be going home. Maybe I’m just really ticked off, but could the show really be fixed? It just doesn’t make any sense. But don’t worry, Chris. Whatever you do next, I–and about half of the female population out there–will be buying your album.

Sisterly Love on 8th and Ocean?
On the season finale of 8th and Ocean, the tension between twin sisters Kelly and Sabrina comes to a head when Kelly takes the job that was supposed to go to Sabrina. At least Sabrina has Acuvue. The sponsors took a liking to her over Kelly during what was to be a “twin” shoot, but which turned into the Sabrina show instead, while Kelly watched in complete disgust. The two sisters decide they need some time apart, whatever that means. Meanwhile, things heat up between Teddy and Britt as the two have a casting together in which they have to pretend they are madly in love. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife, making their awkward moments almost too unbearable to watch. But even though Britt purports to be “married to God,” the season finale leaves us with the impression that the two may start something up. Adding to the awkwardness, Heide, who in the last seconds of the finale, ends up moving into the models’ apartments. Ah, such drama! Until next season…

Tyler Hooks Up on Real World
Stereotypes be damned. When Tyler meets a guy after a night on the town, the roommates are shocked when he doesn’t fit in with what they consider the “usual” homosexual male stereotype, i.e. the guy seems straight. Do these Real Worlders live under a rock? Svetlana is the most shocked and comes to the conclusion her boyfriend Martin may also be gay because he sleeps at his best friend’s house a lot. Then she actually calls him out on it, asking him if he is gay. Nice, Svetlana, very nice. Needless to say, he says he isn’t. Still, would you come out on national television?

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
This Sunday and Monday night marks the two-night Grey’s Anatomy season finale event, which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat all summer long. Also, America’s Next Top Model is down to the final three. Tune into the WB Wednesday to find out who wins.

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