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TV Rewind: More ‘The Real World’ Trouble ; Identical Twins ‘8th and Ocean’s Identical Twins; ‘Idol’s Bucky Gets Bucked

Idol’s Bucky Sings His Last Note
Another American Idol hopeful has his dreams have been shattered. That’s right, Bucky Covington has left the building. His country act didn’t make America swoon quite like Chris Daughtry (my personal favorite), and he had to sing his song of shame Wednesday night. My prediction for whose next? The person who should have gone in Bucky’s place: Ace Young. Sorry, dude, the lip curl isn’t really doing it for us. He seemed to have ticked off the legendary music group Queen cause they didn’t have anything nice to say about him either. Next week America should be saying ‘good riddance’ to Ace.

Paula’s Problems Intensify on Real World
As if an eating disorder isn’t putting enough pressure on this Real World-er, now Paula’s ex-boyfriend Keith is back in the picture. After the phone calls get more intense, he turns stalker after he tells her he cannot live without her. Things get even worse when he finds out Paula told Svetlana about their history, which includes a stint in the hospital for Paula. Even though he swears to her that he has changed his abusing ways, Svetlana knows the situation is unhealthy. But Paula can’t leave well enough alone and tells Svets that it is easier said than done, and she loves him. Things are sure to get interesting as Paula continues to dig herself deeper into a very bad situation.

A Boob Job Can’t Help 8th and Ocean’s Kelly Now
Now that her acne has finally cleared up–well, at least a little–Sabrina is ready to come out swingin’. Her twin sister, Kelly, has held the spotlight for long enough. Both girls go out for the same casting call, and Kelly acts as if it’s already in the bag–until she blows it with a lack of personality. Instead, Sabrina’s bubbly personality lands her the job. So much for “identical” twins and sisterly love. Kelly is reeling with jealousy and has no qualms about showing Sabrina how pissed she really is. She lets Sabrina know that she shouldn’t get her hopes up, it may not work out. Unfortunately for Kelly, Sabrina is labeled the best model at the shoot–a real natural, if you will. This sibling rivalry is sure to heat up as Sabrina is on the fast track to a successful modeling career, while Kelly is contemplating a boob job.

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled
Grey’s Anatomy has taken a little hiatus–the show will not be returning until May–but it’s sure to come back with a bang! Desperate Housewives returns this week with a sneak peak of ABC’s new show, What About Brian to follow. The new series starring Barry Watson (7th Heaven) is from the producers of Lost, so it has a promising start.

And From Last Week: Drama Escalates on The Real World: Key West; 8th and Ocean’s True Colors; and The Gauntlet II Ends.

The Tension Mounts on The Real World
Just when you think there is only one head case in the house, i.e. Paula, one more comes out of the woodwork. Svetlana, who is the true definition of a Russian American Princess, believes that she should be manager of their tanning salon due to her experience at her parent’s pharmacy. Unfortunately for her, the rest of the cast disagrees and instead nominate Zach as the boss. After fighting, crying, screaming and lots of attitude (all on Svetlana’s part), a house vote is taken and Zach (not surprisingly) becomes the manager. But wait! There’s also the role of assistant manager. Svetlana believes at least that’s in the bag for her–but no. The house votes Jose as the assistant. I’m pretty sure they screwed themselves because Svetlana now refuses to do any of the work she has been assigned. Tough break.

8th and Ocean’s Teddy Shows His True Colors
After Teddy works up the nerve to ask Britt on a date, and she accepts his offer, Britt finds out male models are not all they are cracked up to be. The fact that she comes from a small Kansas town and her religious beliefs are on the stricter side, Sean tries to tell Teddy it probably won’t work. He must have a crystal ball because later that day, Teddy is seen with a different female on his arm (and sucking his face) while Britt watches the whole thing. Being the mature one, Britt goes to Ted’s room that night to nicely tell him that she knows it isn’t going to work out, and that their morals and beliefs are too different for them to work as a couple. Needless to say, he didn’t put up much of a fight to win her affections, and she let herself out the front door.

The Gauntlet II Says Goodbye
The tropical island of Tobago says goodbye (and probably good riddance) to the cast of the Gauntlet II after weeks of mind boggling drama. Ruthie got sent home way too soon, Beth became captain for way too long, and Derrick got sent home by the older, and out of shape Timmy right before the final mission. Surprise after surprise has kept our eyes glued to the MTV show every Monday night. But who won? That’s the most shocking turn of events to date. The final mission was broken down into three different challenges. Each team was given 250 coins and needed to bet on each challenge and whoever had the most coins at the end won. The veterans had a plan. They would use the most people on the first part of the mission, the eating part, and bet all of their coins. Maybe their mothers never taught them how not to put all their eggs in one basket. Anyway, the Rookies won the first challenge, leaving the Veterans hard pressed to find a way to win. So instead of finishing out the mission, the veterans give up, congratulating the Rookies, who actually did work harder the whole season and deserved to win the final mission.

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