Tyra Banks: ‘People are afraid of women who embrace their age’


Tyra Banks has hit back at critics who shamed Bebe Rexha for being “too old” to be sexy.

Earlier this week (August 12, 2019), the 29-year-old Meant to Be hitmaker claimed an unnamed male music executive told her she was too old to be sexy. And addressing the criticism on Access Hollywood on Wednesday, Tyra, 45, suggested the comments came from a place of insecurity.

“When people are saying negative things about age, they have serious age, personal insecurities,” she mused. “And I actually really feel for that person that is being very ageist and is saying something very negative because when age starts to hit them, it is going to be traumatic.

“So what they’re doing is they’re throwing that negativity that they feel about their fears about ageing onto you.”

The America’s Next Top Model star went on to explain how she deals with ageist criticism, adding: “We’re human beings and so when we hear things it hurts.

“But I say acknowledge it and then throw it out. And by throwing it out it’s that meditation. It’s that crying, it’s that calling your friends, calling your mama,” she continued. “The person that said that is hurting inside… whenever anybody is negative about that they are terrified of it.”

Insisting Bebe has nothing to worry about, Tyra confessed: “I think she’s the sexiest. Oh my God. When you watch her on Instagram, do you see her pictures? I’m like, ‘I want to look like you’.

“That body! Her face! She’s like stunning… intimidatingly stunning.”