Tyra Banks Promises Darker and Edgier ‘Life-Size’ Sequel

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Tyra Banks has promised the Life-Size sequel will be darker and edgier than the original.

The Disney movie, released in 2000, starred the America’s Next Top Model host as Eve, a doll that comes to life to hang out with her best friend Casey, played by Lindsay Lohan.


It was announced last week (beg17Apr17) that a sequel will hit TV screens in December, 2018.

“It was my mom that told me I should do Life-Size 2,” Tyra told TVGuide.com. “We did three or four versions and then finally, we were like, ‘You know what? Eve has grown up now. Let’s not do a kiddie movie. Let’s do a movie for young adults.’ So this is going to be an edgy Eve that you see, an edgy Life-Size 2.”

The full details of the TV movie have yet to be confirmed, but Tyra assured fans of the original movie that they will not be disappointed.

“The script is being written right now so even I don’t know 100 percent, but it’s definitely going to be like, ‘Oh my God Eve does WHAT? Cover your eyes!’” she exclaimed. “Its going to be a little more real.”

And 43-year-old Tyra excited fans even more by sharing that Lindsay may be back for round two.

“I love Lindsay,” Tyra smiled. “I think it would be interesting (to have her back)… That was my girl back in the day!

“And I would love (to cast) Zendaya. I think Zendaya would be really interesting,” she added.
Life-Size 2 is set to air in December, 2018.

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