Tyrese Gibson joins Marvel spin-off Morbius

Tyrese Gibson is joining Jared Leto in Spider-Man spin-off Morbius.
It’s not known who the Fast & Furious franchise regular will be playing, but Leto, who also plays The Joker in DC movies, was confirmed as the Marvel villain in June (18). Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith was also added to the cast at the start of the year.
Marvel baddie Morbius was introduced to comic book fans in 1971. Written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Gil Kane, the character’s backstory reveals him to be scientist who tried to cure himself of a blood disease, with tragic results,leading to him being afflicted with vampire traits such as fangs and a thirst for blood. He wound up becoming an enemy of the web-slinging superhero.
Morbius is being directed by Daniel Espinosa, whose last film was 2017’s Life. The Sony flick is slated for a 2020 release.
Gibson is a comic fan himself, and brought out his own three-issue mini-series, Mayhem!, in 2009, published through Image Comics.
“When I was out (at Comic-Con promoting Death Race) I really got to know some of the fans and I was just asking questions like, ‘Look at you, you’ve got a full on Superman costume on or Batman costume,’ and they were just like, ‘I just love comic books.’ It was the first time I was ever exposed to that much selfless passion, to the point to where you don’t care how silly you may look – you don’t even consider it silly,” he previously told CNN.
“That really did something for me, because I’m motivated by passion. I thought I want to figure a way to be a part of this world, and that’s when Mayhem was born.”
He lobbied for the role of the Green Lantern in 2015, Photoshopping images of himself as the character across his Instagram page when it was announced a new movie was in the works at Warner Bros.