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Tyrese offers to settle Tank feud with kids’ play date

Singer/actor Tyrese Gibson is willing to put aside his feud with former bandmate Tank so their daughters can remain playmates.
The Furious 7 star announced in December (15) his TGT supergroup, formed with fellow artists Ginuwine and Tank, had parted ways after eight years together.
Taking to Instagram, he suggested Ginuwine had prompted the trio to rethink its future after bowing out of the band.
“I’m sorry to break the news…,” he wrote. “TGT is done………. It’s not about fault….. Business is business….. Me and Tank are still movin….. We will forever love our brother G as brothers…. We’ve got TOO much history to turn this into anything negative…”
However, the split soon turned nasty as Ginuwine hit back, apparently unaware the group had split, and took aim at Tyrese, branding him a “diva” for airing out his grievances in public instead of discussing it in person.
Tank recently waded into the furore and placed the blame for the trio’s end on Tyrese, accusing him of driving the pals apart with his money demands.
Asked by a TMZ cameraman if a TGT reunion would be possible, he declared, “Nope… Tyrese still doesn’t want to split the money equally, so we’re done.”
Tank’s comments have since caught the attention of Tyrese, but instead of hurling more insults, he decided to take the high road and instead offered to put their differences aside for the sake of their daughters’ friendship.
Tyrese returned to Instagram and shared a meme featuring the phrase, “Guess who ain’t gotta explain s**t to nobody (sic)”. In the accompanying caption, he wrote, “(Tank), I see we taking it to TMZ levels now……. I love you too….. Let me know when we gonna get the next play date locked in Shayla keeps asking about Zoey……. #Family.”
Tank has yet to respond to the play date offer.
The musicians formed TGT back in 2007, but only released one album, 2013’s Three Kings, and last year (15), Tyrese revealed his Black Rose solo project would be his last as he wanted to dedicate his time to becoming a better father to his young girl, Shayla.

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